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We are dedicated to promoting, preserving, and protecting our wonderful Australian Shepherd breed. This web site provides information on all of USASA’s many activities. THE JOURNAL IS NOW ONLINE! Australian Shepherds or Aussies are lean, medium, bobtailed dogs and a cowboy favorite for guarding and herding at ranches, rodeos, and horse shows.

Australian shepherd

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PuppyFind® provides a convenient and efficient means of selecting and purchasing the perfect Australian Shepherd puppy (or Australian Shepherd puppies) from the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Submitted by 28od: At full energy, my Australian Shepherd is velcro and an acrobat. From an IQ perspective, the Australian Shepherd thinks in paragraphs. He’s always attentive and awesome in and outside the home, plus he’s a great walker. He definitely needs an energy waster and I wouldn’t recommend them for an apartment. New Australian Shepherd owners should be prepared to give their pooch at least 1-2 hours of playtime and exercise, whether that’s in a fenced-in yard or by going for walks/hikes. Australian Shepherds (like most dogs) need regular exercise to stay happy and healthy.


In fact, these dogs are the happiest when they are physically stimulated with various dog tasks. On the other hand, they’re not all about work. En australian shepherd er en hund, som har styrke og udholdenhed til at arbejde dagen lang. Den reagerer godt på anvisninger og holder sig i reglen forholdsvis tæt ved sin ejer.

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Australian shepherd

Aussie coats offer different looks, including merle (a mottled The Australian Shepherd is a breed of herding dog from the United States. Developed in California in the 19th century, it is claimed the breed descends from a variety of herding breeds including collies imported into California with sheep from Australia and New Zealand, the breed taking its name from the former. This is an athletic dog of medium size and bone; The Australian Shepherd is lithe, agile, and slightly longer than it is tall. This breed is muscular and powerful enough to work all day, without sacrificing the speed and agility. This dog’s gait is free and easy, and must be able to change direction or speed instantly. The Australian Shepherd, or Aussie for short, is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Their boundless energy and high intelligence make them fun, entertaining, and hardworking pets Australian Shepherd Despite their name, the Australian Shepherd dog breed originated in the western United States, not Australia, around the time of the Gold Rush in the 1840s.

Australian shepherd

They are about 18 to 23 inches in height, and weigh  High-energy Australian Shepherds require plenty of exercise—for body and mind . Without enough exercise and mental stimulation, an Aussie may become bored   Like, we're still here for them though.
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Australian shepherd


En australian shepherd er en hund, som har styrke og udholdenhed til at arbejde dagen lang. Den reagerer godt på anvisninger og holder sig i reglen forholdsvis tæt ved sin ejer. I leg kan dens hyrdeinstinkt virke voldsomt over for mindre hunde, men den er ellers meget omgængelig.
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She loves other dogs and kids. Australian shepherd är en intelligent arbetshund med vall- och bruksegenskaper. Den är lättlärd, lyhörd, reagerar snabbt och vill arbeta i team med sin förare. Den lämpar sig därför för flera aktiviteter och rasklubben förespråkar att hunden får arbeta med bruks eller vallning.

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There are many theories about the origin of the Aussie (Australian Shepherds).

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Totalpris: 125 kr. Kalender 2021: 30,5 × 30,5 cm  Australian shepherd är intelligenta arbetshundar med starka vallnings- och vaktinstinkter.

Vikt: 19 kilo. Ögon: UA. Australian Shepherds som lämpar sig till många olika hundsporter samt utställning. Welcome to kennel Basic Blue.